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Courses Offered


Introduction into Field Training:

This basic Field Training Officer (FTO) course is designed for the experienced officer entering the FTO position to begin teaching new officers for their agencies.  This is a 40-hour school that will prepare the new FTO with the knowledge to begin training new officers.  AZPOST approved 40 hours Continuing Training 


This course includes:

  • History and structure of the FTO concepts with emphasis on the San Jose Model of training.

  • Adult learning techniques

  • Developing lesson plans

  • Ethics and liability issues

  • Performance expectations and use of Standardized Evaluation Guidelines

  • Daily Observation Reports

  • Remedial training techniques


Supervision of a Field Training Officer:

This course is designed to assist a supervisor assigned to oversee Field Training Officers (FTO) while they are training new officers.  Whether a full time FTO supervisor of a group of FTOs or assigned the occasional new employee to one of your officers who volunteers as a FTO.  This training will assist in understanding the FTO program, the expectations of the FTO performance, and how to recognize training needs for the new officer.  This is a One-day introduction class. AZPOST approved 8 Hours Continuing Training

This course includes:

  • Overview of the FTO San Jose Model

  • Ethics and Liability

  • Overview of the evaluation process and Standardized Evaluation Guidelines

  • Understanding the Daily Observation Reports

  • Remedial training


Developing/Managing a Field Training Program:

This course is designed to help develop, update your organization’s Field Training Officers (FTO) program or for the new manager who will oversee the FTO program for your agency.  This 3-day class will assist new managers of an FTO program the knowledge to oversee a program, develop a new program or up-date an existing program.


This course includes:

  • Overview of the history of FTO programs, with emphasis on the San Jose Model.

  • Adult Learning concepts

  • Liability issues

  • Chain of Command

  • Documentations

  • Developing and evaluation of core standards for an FTO program

  • Developing lesson plans for the program

  • Evaluation of Daily Observation Reports


Supervising probationary employees:

Supervision of a probationary employee is designed to monitor and mentor the new officers though their first year of service and assist them in becoming more proficient in their skills.  This 1-day class will provide an understanding of the training the new employee has received, and how to continue the evaluation process and mentoring through probation. 


This course includes:

  • Overview of the FTO process

  • Expectations of a solo-capable officer standard

  • Evaluation of probationary employees

  • Mentorship for a probationary employee

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Field Training Program Consulting and Inspections:

This service is to be used to assist agencies in developing a new program or update an existing program within your agency.  A full inspection of your program is also available to review daily observation reports, training structure, FTO consistencies in use of the standardized evaluation guidelines while evaluating new officers. 


This service includes:

  • Consultation 

    • Assisting in program design

    • Ideas and best practices in training programs

    • Crime Scene processing programs

    • Detective training programs

    • Sergeant in Training programs

    • Lieutenant in Training programs

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